Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Nightlife in Chelsea

There are a lot of culture and things to do and see in the famous Chelsea neighborhood. There are many things that Chelsea ablib fashion has to offer, for example, an impressive football team, The Chelsea Flower Show, and not to forget the Chelsea pensioners. Yet there are some things that slip under the radar when you mention Chelsea, one of which is the nightlife.

For singles and young couples is an ideal environment to spend some of that hard earned money and use part of your free time. There are many hidden clubs worth visiting, which are scattered throughout the area of Chelsea that offer something for everyone.

The first step at a party in Chelsea should be the Ad Lib Club. A great place to start that offers cocktails and is a welcome change from all the other clubs and pubs in the area. It is a world away from places that force larger loud music pumping in your ears, a trait that makes an ideal location to catch up with friends. The place has an impressive Mediterranean theme that offers comfort and relaxation. This is usually a hot spot for doctors and nurses at the local hospital. There is also a wide variety of snacks available to you and your friends to enjoy a relaxed pace.

Kings Arms is our second stop. This quaint pub offers cocktails, food, beer and a large TV for major sporting events. This is the place to be if you want the atmosphere a little more in your sites. Enjoying a "friendly atmosphere" and the original features in the heart of this popular pub, you will be able to see the ancient and modern styles combined in one place.

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